Experience Review on the Best Gas Grill and Smoker Combo

Smokers can really challenge your sanity. And if you want an easy way out of the mess and problematic temperature control, the best gas grill and smoker combo is the way to go. You wouldn’t have to deal with too much ash or fluctuating temperatures. You just connect the appliance to a propane tank to start smoking. Although you’ll still watch the temperature, a gas smoker is way easier and convenient to use.



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Gas smokers have a smaller footprint than other types. This makes it an excellent choice for those who only have a small space to spare. Of all the possible fuel available for smoker grill combos, propane offers a few advantages.

Why use propane gas smoker

First of all, propane burns efficiently and cleanly. It won’t give your food soot deposits that are harmful to the body. And since you can connect it to a large tank, you’ll never run out of fuel even for extended cooking. Also, vertical propane smokers are considerably affordable without the quality issue.

The biggest advantage I can see on propane smokers is the lack of guesswork. It’s less labored and you can have full control of the temperature with the least effort. The push-button ignition cuts you the slack.

As a smoker/grill enthusiast, what I love the most about gas smoker is its small built. Sure thing, some can be large, but you can find smaller ones that can fit on your car’s trunk. With that, you can still smoke food while camping or heading out for the weekend. However, you have to sacrifice the grilling part.

If you want to experience the best of both worlds, you might as well get the best gas grill and smoker combo. It’s larger than portable ones but champions in functionality.

Top Picks- Best gas smoker grill combo

—>Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 Gas/Charcoal Smoker Grill<—


✔️4 grilling options                                ✔️propane gas grill

✔️offset side smoker firebox                ✔️infrared side burner

✔️can be adapted to a natural gas line

best gas grill and smoker comboIf you’re looking for a heavyweight in functions, the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 Gas/Charcoal Smoker Grill is best gas smoker grill combo. You choose on using either the propane-powered side or the one the one that uses charcoal. If you have to cook a ton of food, you can use it simultaneously.

It has a smoker firebox that I use for indirect heat cooking of my favorite Texas briskets. And while I wait for it to be done, I seared a few steaks for the kids on the infrared side burner. This part is also great for seafood, by the way. I got to sear a few prawns to perfection.

When it comes to the gas grill, I can say that the three-burner feature is heaven-sent. It allowed me to cook 20 burgers at a time during a large backyard party. It saved me an hour or two for the chit-chat.

Take note, though, that this model doesn’t come with the tank. But I think that’s quite a reasonable caveat given the functionality you’ll get here. You’ll get two lower shelves and condiment racks for added convenience.

And if you want the grilling and smoking to be continuous, you can adapt this to the natural gas line. I think Smoke Hollow sells a kit to fit this into the system.

What could be done better:

The only hassle I’ve had with this grill/smoker is the assembly. It’s a little complicated but once you get it done, it’s totally worth it. I just hope that the parts are easier to put together.

—>Char-Griller 5050 Gas/Charcoal Duo Smoker<—


✔️1260 sq. in cooking surface               ✔️ 40,800 BTU on 3 burners

✔️12,000 BTU on side burner              ✔️ adjustable grate height

✔️ double bottom construction

best gas grill and smoker comboIf you’re looking for the best gas smoker grill combo that’s built to last, I can bet my steaks on the Char-Griller 5050 model. It bears a stainless steel heat gauge and an easy-dump ash pan for convenient cooking. As for the smoker, the attachment is satisfactory, but it’s not one-of-a-kind either. I bought a separate firebox accessory and it does the trick.

Still, you’ll find more functionality on the charcoal grill where you can adjust the grate height to control the temperature. You can smoke your meat cuts on the rack of the charcoal grill while searing steaks and BBQs on the gas grill. This part comes with an igniter console, much like a gas stove but with more detailed heat indicators.

The heavy-steel construction of this best gas grill and smoker combo is excellent for backyard use. It has a rack and a platform beneath where you can place the propane tank and grilling accessories. In front of the charcoal grill is a solo rack that fits bottles of condiments. I love the fact that it has plenty of storage since I always lose tongs and stuff whenever kids are around.

What could be done better:

The only thing I wish will improve for this model is the drip pain for the gas side. It’s a little flimsy and unstable that I worry it will spill anytime I flip steaks on the grill.

The combo-hybrid type

Propane gas smokers itself are no different than electric models except for the propane-fueled system. It almost has the same construction. But the good thing is that combo types have a charcoal grill/smoker and a separate gas cooker. So while you slow cook your meat food, you can spend your time searing steaks on the gas top.

What I love about hybrid types is that, even though you’re using charcoal, the ash removal is hassle-free. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds in a smaller and convenient way.

The number one benefit you’ll get here is the handiness. Do you need to sear steaks? Do you want smoky BBQs? It can be done all at the same time.

Gas Smoker Grill Buying Guide

Choosing on the gas smoker grill models in the market is a matter of thoroughness and not just the price. I have set standards when it comes to these appliances. And to help you out, here are some that I look for on smoker grill combos:

Space underneath

Gas grill and smoker combos have large cooking surfaces. That means you’ll have dozens of accessories and condiments in tow. Your choice of smoker grill should have racks beneath and at least a front shelf on top. For models that both have charcoal and gas cookers, these spaces are imperative. It keeps things at your hand’s reach.

Consider the number of people you’re cooking for

Most of the people who get the best gas smoker grill combo like these cook for a lot of guests. It could be a dozen or more. Always pay attention to the overall cooking surface of the model to ensure that you can shove as much food as you can in one batch. You may want to invest in the largest model you can get a hand on if you keep cooking for large crowds.

Invest in a solid build

I was once lured to buying a flimsy grill that only lasted a few months. Yes, it’s cheap, but it’s not worth the money if you’re going to ask me. I don’t trust brand names for this since any manufacturers can falter on their quality. I prefer researching individual models and browsing verified purchase reviews.

Look at the temperature range

I always opt for the best gas grill and smoker combo with a temperature gauge. But aside from that, you might also want to get a unit that offers temperature adjustments between 50F to 500F. Such a wide range will offer more cooking settings to your food. If the smoker grill you’re eyeing has a narrow temp ground, try looking for another one.

Do you already have a grill?

If you already have a grill at home, buying a combo like the ones I’ve reviewed wouldn’t be practical. Just opt for a dedicated smoker if that’s the case. It will save more money. Still, the two models above are a good choice in case you’re planning to upgrade and up your game.


You’re not apt to cook on a smoker grill combo that’s going to give you a hard time, right? What I suggest is that you look at how convenient it will be for you. Is the gas grill/smoker has digital controls? Is the charcoal pan easy to access? Are you going to make a mess when cleaning the ash? These details make a big difference.


I don’t like taking chances on my choice of the grill so I make sure that I’ll get a long warranty coverage. Take time to contact the seller first. If they don’t offer any guarantee, walk away and look for a new one.

Convertible to natural gas line

This part is just optional when you have a propane gas grill smoker. Some brands sell a separate converting kit so you no longer have to refill a tank multiple times. The best gas smoker grill combo would likely have this feature.


Who doesn’t want an appliance that lasts long? Since you’re putting your money on it, might as well get a grill smoker combo that can take the beating of your weekend backyard parties. I hate grills and smokers that will start to bog down a few months after the initial use.

Why you should buy one

A gas grill and smoker combo is a saving grace when you’re hosting a party. As briskets and other smoked meat cuts cook longer, you can use the gas grill to sear the first course. This will cut you the pressure of serving half-baked briskets or smoked sausages.

Smoker grill combos are also versatile options. If you’re not in the mood to have smoke food, you can use the gas grill to cook other recipes. It offers both quick cooking and variety. Some models won’t just have a smoker and griller. You can also bake and reheat soup in other combos.

If you want to get both a smoker and a grill but you don’t have the space to store separate units, a combo model would be excellent. The construction of two appliances is compressed into one.

Combo smoker and grills are also cheaper considering the price of two separate appliances.

Some tips when using a gas smoker

Since we’re dealing with a combination of two fuels here, I’d like to give some tips. Check the following points:

➕Make sure that the gas is burning. Once the fire on the gas grill or smoker has gone off, there’s a chance that poisonous gas will be produced. This is harmful to your food.

➕Some pieces are manufactured with a flimsy material. Be careful in picking one to make the most out of your money. Still, being resourceful enough by sealing the gaps, purchasing accessories, and welding some spots pay off.

➕Beware of the airflow since hybrid models like these tend to have a lower rate than charcoal alone. You might find it hard to control the temperature.

➕Since the best gas smoker grill combo is compressed, you’ll have to refill the charcoal pan frequently. There seems to be no problem with the propane grill as long as you have a large tank.

➕There’s a chance that combo grill smokers won’t be able to accommodate large chunks of meat. Still, this depends on the type that you’re going to use.

➕Avoid cheap finds. Sometimes, very cheap models mean there is less steel used. It could be substandard and not long-lasting.

➕Make it habit to clean your combo grill and smoker each time you use it. This will prevent mold formation or critters from inhabiting into it.

➕Lastly, never improvise a natural gas conversion kit if you’re not skilled to do so. Also, take note that it’s rare for a smoker or gas grill to be compatible with this mode. Check it to avoid a disaster.

The best gas grill and smoker combo will let you enjoy your old-time briskets while searing some steak cuts. Get one that suits your budget and cooking needs.

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Experience Review on the Best Gas Grill and Smoker Combo

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